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Postnatal Massage

The postnatal massage will help you to relax, reduce swelling and tighten abdominal muscles as well as reduce engorgement (if necessary). Typically, natural delivery moms can start massage from day 3 whilst c-section mums can begin after 2 weeks post delivery.

Each visit is 1.5hours

Comprises of:
1) Full body massage with ginger oil
2) Herbal heat pad
3) Abdominal wrap to aid tightening of the muscles.

For c-section mums, we do not recommend the abdominal wrap in the first 2-3 months post delivery. Please note there is a separate charge for the wrap.

Service available from 9-6pm daily.

Coverage restrictions:
• We may not cover certain areas and some areas may incur additional transport charges. Please call or email us first.
Please note that we will make every effort to ensure our appointments are on time but sometimes due to particularly heavy traffic / timing overruns there may be delays but we will definitely call to inform you and re-scheduling may be necessary.

Packages: (each visit is 1.5 hours)

3 visits RM 600
5 visits RM 950