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Confinement Food

While a mother enjoys her newborn and assumes her newfound responsibilities, it is important that she does not neglect her own postnatal recovery. The one month confinement period after delivery is the best window of opportunity to replenish energy and to revitalise health via nutritional food.

During this period, the key to recovery is to have proper rest and a good diet of quality confinement food. Quality confinement food containing the right herbs and ingredients will alleviate some of these common postnatal symptoms:

  • Loss of energy and 'vitality'
  • Lack of blood circulation
  • Excess 'wind' or water retention
  • Weak joints / Backaches
  • Low milk supply

At Hampden Wellness we have put together a thoughtful and well planned confinement menu to help you recover - we use only high quality, fresh ingredients and herbs. Let our nutritional food plan take care of your health while you take care of your little baby!

Refund policy
90% refund if cancellation is effected more than 30 days before stated delivery start date. Please allow 2 working days for cancellation to be effected.

Payment details
• Please email for further details

Please place orders 5 working days before expected delivery of first meal. Menu below is a sample.

Confinement Cuisine package Days provided Cost Menu
Chinese menu
2 meat, 2 veg, 1 herbal soup
28 RM3350 Download
Chinese menu
2 meat, 2 veg, 1 herbal soup
14 RM1675 Download

Delivery times:
10am -1pm (delivery once per day)

Delivery restrictions:
• We may not cover certain areas and some areas may incur additional transport charges. Please call or email us first to enquire.
• There will be no delivery on weekends and Public holidays but meals will be replaced.