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Midwife services

Upon discharge from hospital, many parents feel that they still need extra support. We provide midwife home visits to enable the family to properly adjust to their new lifestyle; ensure that breastfeeding is well established and that the mother's emotional well-being is taken care of.

Each visit is tailored according to the individual family's needs, with the emphasis being to focus on the most urgent issues. In the early days it is often related to breastfeeding and therefore we focus on prevention of mastitis, show you different feeding positions, discuss how often and how long you need to feed your baby and how to know if your infant is getting enough milk.

We will also give the required support and advice to ensure that you are able to both fulfil and enjoy your role as a new parent. This typically includes:

  • Performing a complete physical check on the baby
  • Assistance in the care and maintenance of the belly button and cord
  • Weighing the baby
  • Bathing baby
  • Checking that the uterus is contracting well
  • Checking that the perineum/wound is healing well
  • Giving support through 'baby blues'
  • Discussing different aspects of parenting and baby care
  • Basic nutrition/diet advice and demystifying traditional confinement practices

Each visit is approx 1.5hours
Rates will vary for midwife care required for more than 5 days - please call us to enquire about longer duration care.
Please note that we will make every effort to ensure our appointments are on time but sometimes due to particularly heavy traffic / timing overruns there may be delays but we will definitely call to inform you and re-scheduling may be necessary.

Coverage restrictions:
• Additional transport charges may be imposed (payable upon visit) and we may not cover certain areas out of our reach so please do call or email us first.

1 visit RM 150
3 visits RM 450
5 visits RM 750